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Army Personnel Testing - How-to Links

The Army Personnel Testing How-To questions cover everything from a Test Control Officer opening a new test account to retest policy. Take time to familiarize yourself with the answers provided in the respective linked articles.

  1. How do I open an Army Personnel Testing Account?
    Opening a New Test Account

  2. We have no test center near us. How can we set up our own?
    Opening a New Test Account

  3. How do Test Control Officers (TCO) receive messages and updates from the Army Personnel Testing Program Office?
    Army Personnel program office milSuite page is the main information source for updates and changes in the APT program. This page has a restricted access to the appointed APT personnel only. APT personnel can join the milSuite page by submitting a request through the following link:

  4. How do Test Control Officers (TCO) receive messages by the APT Program manager?
    Provide this office your address information IAW TCO Responsibilities

  5. How do I order Army Personnel Testing forms?
    Ordering Army Personnel Testing Material

  6. Why didn't I get the Army Personnel Testing materials I ordered?
    Ordering Army Personnel Testing Material and Test Control Officer Responsibilities

  7. As a linguist, am I allowed to be a Test Control Officer?
    Test Control Officer Qualifications

  8. Can Army Testing Control Officers test members of other services?
    Testing Sister Service members under Army Personnel Testing Eligibility

  9. I took the AFCT and did not score high enough. How soon can I retake it?
    Army Personnel Testing Retest Policy

  10. What is the disposition of completed DLPT answer sheets?
    Language Proficiency Testing under Army Personnel Testing Test Information

  11. A Soldier is trying to reclassify for MOS 97L and must take the English Comprehension Level Test. How do I order that test?
    English Language Testing

  12. Where can personnel living outside the United States take the iCAT-ASVAB?
    Overseas Enlistment and Student Testing under Army Personnel Testing eligibility

  13. Can civilians take the DLPT?
    Testing Civilians under Army Personnel Testing eligibility


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