About Army University


The Army Universtiy provides academic policy, governance, and innovation to enable the Army's academic enterprise to train and educate agile and adaptive Soldiers, leaders, and the Army Civilian Corps to achieve cognitive overmatch to win in the complex operational environment.

Army University Objectives
  • Maintain Command and General Staff College (CGSC) as the leading Department of Defense (DOD) Professional Military Educaton (PME) institution
  • Revitalize Warrant Officer Education
  • Credential United States Army Sergeants Major Academy to grant a Bachelor of Arts in leadership and Workforce Development Degree
  • Expand the utility of enlisted education
  • Improve Education Methodology
  • Integrate with the Operational Army
  • Modernize the Army Distributed Learning Program
Specialist Saluting
Foundational Duties
  • Develop World Class Faculty
  • Produce Relevant Cirriculum
  • Grow Qualified Students
  • Adopt Nationally Recognized Standards
  • Improve Professional Research & Publication
  • Create an Innovative Learning Environment
  • Expand Public Private Partnerships
  • Implement New Business & Governance Practices

Foundational Documents »

PBS News Hour: "Turning Soldiers into Scholars by Turning Experience into College Credit

Army University: "Winning in a Complex World" Narrated by Gary Sinise

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