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A web resource that helps Army Service members find information on certifications and licenses related to their jobs or civilian occupations. Visit

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Special Edition Vol 1, Issue 1
How Can We Know if Professional Military Education Works?

Megan J. Hennessey

We can learn much from educational research by civilian partners, but there are limits to this research’s findings and recommendations in a military learning context. Further, it is unwise to relegate an understanding of what goes on within military learning environments solely to the analyses often seen as part of standardized institutional assessments like end-of-course surveys or student evaluations of teaching. These surveys yield reactionary data. This data, based on the first level of Kirkpatrick’s evaluation model, is not indicative of student learning. Rather, it just reflects students’ satisfaction with any given quality of a learning event (most commonly, teacher performance). Student evaluations of teaching have also been increasingly exposed as biased against educators identifying as women as well as racial and ethnic minorities. Visit

Posted August 3, 2020

Combined Arms Center adapts to resume resident education

Maj. Orlandon Howard

The U.S. Army Combined Arms Center’s Army University resumed its resident professional military education offerings, July 2020, hosting multiple courses for General Officers taking command, future battalion and brigade command teams, and military planners at Fort Leavenworth, Kansas. Army senior leaders designated several resident courses that Army University hosts as critical to the Army’s mission and readiness. CAC responded by developing plans to host the courses while limiting the risk of the spread of COVID-19. Visit

Posted July 23, 2020

Fort Benning's new top general says firm stance against pandemic a key to vital training mission

Franklin Fisher

FORT BENNING, Ga. – Soldiers and civilians here must not tire in the fight against COVID-19 but keep their guard up – a stance needed for Fort Benning to meet its paramount mission: training about a third of the Army's combat troops every year, its new commanding general said July 20. "COVID is not tired, so we can't be either," said Maj. Gen. Patrick J. Donahoe, who became commanding general of the U.S. Army Maneuver Center of Excellence and Fort Benning July 17. He replaced Maj. Gen. Gary M. Brito, who moves to a new assignment at the Pentagon and promotion to lieutenant general. Visit

Posted July 23, 2020

Army University Strategy (2020)

For many years, Army leadership recognized a need to better integrate and synchronize education and training across the Army. Prior to 2015, the Army’s structure included an extensive collection of disparate schools and training centers, many of which were individually regarded as world class, but collectively were not fully synchronized to best enable a lifelong learning continuum or facilitate integration with civilian academic institutions. Outside of the Army, the United States university system is the envy of the world and produces professionals who spur global innovation. Similarly, our nation’s credentialing and licensing standards have worldwide recognition for producing a superb technical work force. The Army University system blends these proven models with best practices developed within our military education and training programs into a cohesive structure modeled along the lines of many successful state university systems. Visit

Posted July 7, 2020

Army University - Change of Responsibility Ceremony

Change of Responsibility Ceremony, 2 July 2020 Visit

Posted July 7, 2020

Retirement Ceremony for CSM Teresa M. Duncan

Retirement Ceremony for CSM Teresa M. Duncan, 2 July 2020, Fort Leavenworth KS Visit

Posted July 7, 2020

Addressing Modern Cavalry Capability Gaps and Risks

Josh Suthoff

As military planning, prioritization, and resources comes back to Large Scale Combat Operations (LSCO) there must be a professional discussion on modern cavalry operations and capability gaps. The US Cavalry needs light weight, mobile, and manned platforms to pair with the dismounted scout. Scouts with the capability and the mandate to operate with increased risk will help close the reconnaissance and security capability gap. Regardless of the US military’s fascination with costly continuously evolving technology and complex systems, the scout and cavalry squadron remain the only reliable all-weather sensor. Visit

Posted July 7, 2020

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