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The Army Credentialing Program

The Army’s Credentialing Program develops talent for the Army while simultaneously providing Veterans with the technical skills needed to help close the gap in civilian employment skills. Check out our latest overview video .

Army Credentialing Assistance (CA) Program

Find information on applying for CA funding for off-duty courses and/or exams leading to an industry-recognized credential, certification, and/or license below.


Credentialing Opportunities On-Line

A web resource that helps Army Service members find information on certifications and licenses related to their jobs or civilian occupations. Visit

GoArmyEd transitioning to ArmyIgnitED

GoArmyEd, the 24/7 system supporting the Army’s tuition assistance (TA) program for Soldiers, scholarship payments for Cadets and professional development funds for DA Civilians and Apprentices will soon transition to a new system, ArmyIgnitED. GoArmyEd will be deactivated on Feb. 12. ArmyIgnitED is scheduled to be fully operational March 8. ArmyIgnitED already offers credentialing assistance (CA) for Soldiers. When fully operational, the new system will also provide TA program funds for Soldiers seeking associates, bachelor's and master’s degrees, scholarship payment funding for Cadets enrolled in degree programs, and for Army Civilian and Apprentice professional development programs. For more information see link.

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Leader Up: One Profession, Two Communities, and the Third Rail We Cannot Ignore

Army Management Staff College Podcast

In the latest episode of Leader Up, the Army Management Staff College podcast, David P. Cavaleri and Dr. Davin V. Knolton discuss their co-authored article "One Profession, Two Communities, and the Third Rail We Cannot Ignore." They discuss the Army's two distinct communities of practice (the Profession of Arms and the Army Civilian Corps), underlying friction points contained within, and steps we can take to achieve positive cultural change. Visit

Posted May 06, 2021

Last Updated: 5/13/2021 3:50:51 PM

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