Directorate for Learning Systems (DLS)

DLS Mission

The Directorate for Learning Systems (DLS) develops, integrates, and synchronizes Army learning systems through governance, analysis, research, assessment, and policy to support training and education; identifies optimal learning management systems, supports documentation of Soldier competencies to meet Army requirements, and establishes collaborative partnerships within the Army and among civilian learning institutions to enhance readiness and establish a learning environment conducive to the development of agile, adaptive, and innovative Soldiers for the Total Army.​

Key Functions

  • Governance, Analysis, and Policy to support Learning (Training and Education)​
  • Direct contribution to establishment of environments conducive to learning​
  • Identification of and support to optimal learning management systems, classroom technology, and learning infrastructure​
  • Implementation of Library Services Platform​
  • Army lead for education related Legislative Proposals
  • Collaborative partnership establishment and cultivation within the Army and among civilian learning institutions and industry​
  • Army-wide Registrar function development​

TRADOC’s organization to synchronize and enable intellectual development of the Total Force through access to knowledge, learning environment support, collaborative system refinement, and learning product policy and development oversight.​

Last Updated: 10/4/2021 11:39:25 PM

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