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Army's Project Athena, in place at Fort Benning, helping forge strong maneuver leaders

Franklin Fisher

A new method the Army has adopted to help forge strong leadership by motivating officers and noncommissioned officers to embrace professional self-development, is underway at Fort Benning. The method, known as Project Athena, is being put into operation Army-wide, and uses a battery of online self-assessments and other means to give leaders feedback that will help them develop. It looks at personality traits and tendencies, social and other skills, so they can pinpoint what to strengthen and what to fix, and chart a set of actions to become the best leaders they can be over time. Visit

March 17, 2021

Updated Guidance to Soldiers on Exception to Policy TA Approval for All Classes that began 8 March 2021

Due to the delay in the launch of ArmyIgnitED, HQ ACCESS will now provide an exception to policy (ETP) Tuition Assistance (TA) funding for all classes that began 8 March 2021 and extend this ETP for all classes that start up to 10 business days after the launch of the TA program in ArmyIgnitED, regardless of the date Soldiers enrolled in these classes. For more information, see the link. Visit

March 18, 2021

Leader Up: One Profession, Two Communities, and the Third Rail We Cannot Ignore

Army Management Staff College Podcast

In the latest episode of Leader Up, the Army Management Staff College podcast, David P. Cavaleri and Dr. Davin V. Knolton discuss their co-authored article "One Profession, Two Communities, and the Third Rail We Cannot Ignore." They discuss the Army's two distinct communities of practice (the Profession of Arms and the Army Civilian Corps), underlying friction points contained within, and steps we can take to achieve positive cultural change. Visit

May 06, 2021

Civilian Education System classes remaining virtual

Civilian Education System classes are remaining virtual through 4th quarter FY21. For the safety of our students, faculty, and staff, all Civilian Education System (CES) courses will be delivered in a virtual classroom modality through 30 September 2021. The revised CES course schedule is posted in ATRRS, and applications can be submitted through the Civilian Human Resources Training Application System (CHRTAS). Apply online today: Visit

March 29, 2021

Guidance to Soldiers on the Reinstatement of Exception to Policy TA Funding

1. For classes that start 23 April 2021 and later, HQ ACCESS is reinstating exception to policy (ETP) Tuition Assistance (TA) funding. Soldiers should enroll in these classes directly with their Educational Institution. 2. To ensure that there is no gap in TA funding, Soldiers whose classes start on 8 March 2021 and later will be provided ETP TA funding if TA eligible (e.g., not Flagged, have TA remaining for FY). As such, no gap exists in a TA-eligible Soldier’s ability to enroll in classes under this ETP. 3. When the TA program is back online in ArmyIgnitED, Soldiers should follow the guidance provided in previous messages from HQ ACCESS to request ETP TA for classes beginning 8 March 2021 and later. 4. Once the TA program is back online in ArmyIgnitED and Soldiers are able to submit TA Requests into the system, HQ ACCESS will suspend the ETP TA process. HQ ACCESS will message Soldiers when the TA program returns and when the ETP TA process has been discontinued. 5. Soldiers with questions about the ETP TA process should contact their Army Education Center/Office directly or submit an ArmyIgnitED helpdesk case AFTER the TA program comes back on line. Visit

April 18, 2021

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