About DMH

About DMH

The Department of Military History consists of leadership, curriculum developers and editors, instructors, and operations officer.

Who We Are

The Department of Military History (DMH) is one of the largest military history departments in the Free World, with over 33 faculty members of various academic specialties and backgrounds. DMH contains a blend of civilian and active duty faculty. Teaching in DMH provides opportunities for personal and professional growth in teaching, academic work and scholarship. Members of the faculty educate military officer-students in critical thinking skills and equips them with historical perspectives that better prepares them to achieve the nation’s objectives in war and peace. Our curriculum develops historical mindedness in our officers to inform their professional judgement.

Department Mission

CGSS educates and trains field grade level leaders to be agile, innovative, and adaptive, able to build teams and lead organizations using mission command to conduct mutli-domain operations in complex and uncertain environments.

The Department of Military History educates leaders to be agile, innovative, & adaptive critical thinkers who use history to inform judgment and decision-making in the conduct of Unified Land Operations in complex and uncertain environments.

Faculty Vision

Develop and retain credentialed historians representing a wide range of experiences and perspectives who educate and inspire students to think critically and solve problems by making historically-informed decisions; who inspire students to excel; and who dedicate themselves to superior teaching, scholarship, service to the school, and self-improvement.

Values: Intellectual Excellence, Professional Commitment, Academic Integrity.

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