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APT Test Control Officer Certification Program

SPECIAL NOTE: There are two multiple choice tests, and one Security Awareness Briefing that must be completed for Army Personnel Testing (APT) test sites that administer Defense Foreign Language Program (DFLP) tests. If your test site does not administer language tests, you will only be required to complete the Security Awareness Briefing and the Test Control Officer (TCO) Basic test. The Security Awareness Briefing must be taken first, the TCO Basic test second, and the DFLP test third. The Security Awareness Briefing must be completed immediately while the TCO Basic and DFLP tests should be taken within 30 days after appointment as TCO, Interim TCO (ITCO), Alternate TCO (ATCO), or Test Examiner (TE). The briefing and tests are accessible from the Army Learning Management System (ALMS).

1. Background/Purpose: The web-based tests focus on the common knowledge that Army testing personnel must possess in order to be appointed as a TCO, ITCO, ATCO, or TE.

2. Course Abstract/Scope: You have been appointed the duty of Test Control Officer (TCO), Alternate Test Control Officer (ATCO), or Test Examiner (TE) under the Army Personnel Testing (APT) program IAW AR 611-5. The APT program encompasses standardized tests to determine eligibility for specialized training and to support the Army's personnel selection and classification process, including language proficiency testing.

3. Testing Set-Up: This course contains four (4) modules. The first module is this Letter of Instruction (LOI); (also recommended to be downloaded to your computer for future reference); the remaining modules are Security Awareness Briefing content and two tests. Please complete the Security Awareness Briefing first and the TCO Basic and DFLP tests second.

4. ALMS New User Training: Test Control Officer tests are available at the Army Learning Management (ALMS) web site. If you are a new user to the ALMS, you may access the "ALMS Tutorial" training from the homepage of the ALMS Links button to assist you in launching this courseware. Detailed step-by-step instructions are provided to the learner to assist in the navigation and completion of courseware on the ALMS.

5. Software Requirements: This courseware requires Internet Explorer 6.0 or higher and Flash 8.0. Please check with your local Department of Information Management Office (IMO) or computer support personnel to ensure you have the appropriate software loaded before attempting to launch this course.

6. Computer Configuration: Before attempting to launch this courseware, configure the settings on your machine. If you need assistance to configure your machine, please go to the ALMS and click on the "Browser Setting" button, located on the homepage.

7. Registering for the APTTCO Course on the ALMS site:

a. Log into ALMS by navigating to AKO You will now see navigation headers (Home, My Account, Favorites, Quick Links and Self Service) on your homepage within AKO.

b. Select "My Education" from the "Self Service" drop down menu.

c. You will see an ALMS logo, which you can click on, or you can click the link "Access the ALMS" underneath the logo.

d. You are now logged into the ALMS. You are on your homepage. Click the "Catalog Search" button.

e. On the "Training Catalog Search" page, type "APTTCO" into the title entry field and then click on "Search".

f. You will now see the "APTTCO – APT Test Control Officer Certification Program Course" listed below in the results.

g. Click on "Register".

h. You will now see a "Create Order" screen with your selection and enclosed materials. The course includes the Letter of Instruction, Security Awareness Briefing, the TCO Basic Test and the TCO DFLP Test.

i. Click "Continue Registration".

j. You will now see a "Registration Confirmation" screen. You can launch your course by clicking "Launch Content".

k. If you do not launch your content at this moment and decide to come back at a later date, you can launch it by going to your homepage. There you will find a "Current Enrollments" button showing your registered courses with the option to launch them directly from there.

l. Once you have closed the course, your completion will reflect so on your transcript.

m. If you attempt but do not pass any portion of the required course content, the content will still move into your "Detailed Training Record". You will have to click on the "Detailed Training Records" button on the ALMS Homepage to re-launch the course content.

Entering the Test Account ID Field:

a. The Test Account ID is entered into the user's profile from the ALMS My Home page.

b. The following steps provide access to the Test Account ID.

c. Select the 'My Profile' link from the ALMS My Home page.

d. Select the 'Expand All' link. The page will refresh.

e. Scroll to the bottom of the screen to 'Custom Section 1'.

f. Expand the section if needed and select the 'View/Edit' link.

g. Enter the Test Account ID field and click 'SAVE'. This will save the Test Account ID field to the learner's ALMS profile.

8. How to Receive Credit:

a. Upon successful completion of the Security Awareness Briefing, a passing score of 90% must be achieved for both the TCO Basic and DFLP tests. Passing standard 36 out of 40 correct answers is required on the basic test and 18 out of 20 on the DFLP test.

b. If you would like to print a certificate of completion for your records, on the ALMS Homepage click on the "Detailed Training Records"; locate the "TCO Security Awareness Briefing, TCO Basic Test, TCO DFLP Test" course and the link to "Print Certificate of Completion."

c. Following completion of the course, students may access/review the material at any time by going to their Detailed Training Records button from the ALMS homepage.

9. How to Receive Assistance:

If you encounter any Technical problems completing any of the steps above, you may contact the Army Training Help Desk for assistance at:

Toll Free: 1-800-275-2872; DSN: 826-3666
Hours of Operation: Monday - Friday: 0700 - 1600**(EST)
Hours of Operation: 24/7 for Frequently Asked Questions

For questions concerning course content, you may contact the Army Personnel Testing Office at:

502-613-8245 or 502-613-8888
APT Website: Army Credentialing and Continuing Education Services for Soldiers (ACCESS)

10. How to Submit APT TCO, ATCO, and TE Appointment Orders:

All TCOs, ITCOs, ATCOs, and TEs are appointed and relieved in writing. Appointment orders must include appointee's SSN (SSN needed if doing language testing, otherwise last four), AKO ID, test site address, Test Account ID, telephone number (commercial and/or DNS), email address, and fax number. Email scanned copies (preferable), fax, or mail copies of official appointment orders to the APT Program Office:

a. Fax: COM 502-613-4520

b. Email:

Mail: Army Credentialing and Continuing Education Services for Soldiers (PDE)
1600 Spearhead Division Avenue, Dept. #410
Fort Knox, KY 40122-5401

If you have any questions regarding your account, contact the APT Program Office.

All APT TCOs, ITCOs, ATCOs, and TEs (except those assigned at Military Entrance Processing Station (MEPS)) must take and pass the online APT TCO Basic Test. Before administering any DFLP exams, examiners must also take and pass the online DFLP Test.

New personnel must take and pass the exam NLT 30 days after appointment as TCO, ITCO, ATCO, or TE.

Appointment orders are required for each TCO, ITCO, or ATCO prior to ordering test materials from the APT program office.

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