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Army Personnel Testing Resources

The Army Personnel Testing (APT) program encompasses standardized tests to determine eligibility for specialized training and to support the Army's personnel selection and classification process, including language proficiency testing. The program is governed by Army Regulation 611-5, Army Personnel Selection and Classification Tests (9 December 2015).

  1. Army Personnel Testing Regulations
    1. AR 611-5, Personnel And Classification Testing
    2. AR 11-6, Army Foreign Language Program
  2. Army Personnel Testing Messages
  3. Additional References
    1. Test Control Officer Handbook
  4. Software & Automation
    1. Armed Forces Classification Test (AFCT) Scoring Programs
    2. Web-Based Defense Language Proficiency Test (DLPT) Documentation
  5. Test Control Officer
    1. Testing Control Officer Qualifications
    2. Testing Control Officer Responsibilities
    3. Army Personnel Testing (APT) Correspondence Samples
    4. Army Personnel Testing (APT) Testing Control Officer (TCO) Certification Program
    5. Testing Control Officer Handbook
    6. Management Control Evaluation Inspection Checklist
    7. APT Mail Procedures Poster
    8. Army Personnel Testing (APT) for New Personnel
  6. Test Account
    1. Account Verification - (see Account Verification template)
    2. Establishing a new Army Personnel Test Site Account
    3. Closing an Army Personnel Testing (APT) Test Account
    4. Army Personnel Testing (APT) Account Correspondence (Sample Memorandums, e.g., ETPs)
  7. Test Material
    1. Army Personnel Testing (APT) Test Information
    2. Ordering Army Personnel Testing Material
    3. Destruction of Army Personnel Testing Materials
    4. Security of Test Materials and Test Inventory
  8. Testing
    1. Army Personnel Testing Eligibility
    2. Retest Policy
    3. English Language Testing
    4. OPI, Request Memorandum
  9. Frequently Asked Questions

Send all inquiries to the APT Test Coordinator at

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