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Army Personnel Testing Eligibility



The U.S. Army Personnel, to include the Regular Army, Army National Guard, and Army Reserve are eligible for the Army Personnel Testing (APT) program. The Soldier must possess an identification card. Dependents of Service members are not eligible to utilize the APT program.

Enlistment Testing

The Military Entrance Processing Stations (MEPS) are responsible for testing individuals in CONUS who are in the enlistment process, except those in the Delayed Entry Program (DEP), who are not eligible for testing while in the DEP. The MEPS and the Mobile Examining Teams are all equipped to do ASVAB testing. The MEPS track enlistee's eligibility and test results in the MEPCOM Integrated Reporting System and do not accept test results from non-MEPS Testing Control Officers as valid.

Overseas Enlistment and Student Testing

There are no MEPS overseas. Consequently, ACES administers the ASVAB in support of the enlistment process, as well as at DODDS high schools. The Overseas and Student Testing Programs use different forms of the iCAT-ASVAB, as well as different answer sheets. If the correct test forms and/or answer sheets are not used, MEPCOM will declare the test invalid. Any TCO needing assistance in determining or obtaining the appropriate test forms should contact us. MEPCOM regulations can be downloaded from the HQ USMEPCOM website:

Completed answer sheets for both programs should be mailed (double-wrapped, certified or registered) to the MEPS responsible for the geographic area in which the test was administered. For tests administered in Europe, the Caribbean, and Central American areas; mail sheets to:

  • Ft Hamilton Military Community
    New York MEPS
    ATTN: Test Control Officer
    116 White Avenue
    Brooklyn, NY 11252-6700

For tests administered in the Pacific and Far East areas, mail sheets to:

  • Honolulu MEPS
    300 Ala Moana Boulevard
    P.O. Box 50266
    Honolulu, HI 96850-0001

Testing of Sister Service members

Given that Soldiers are increasingly operating with members of other services, and in coordination with sister service POC's, we have devised the following procedures when testing members of other services. The key issue is eligibility; a related issue is ensuring that the results are entered into the Service member's personnel file.

The Service member is always given a copy of the test results. The TCO should also provide an original signature copy of the results directly to the Service member's personnel component. See APT TCO Handbook, dated July 2019 for additional information and guidance.

Army Warrant Officer Applicants

Information is available on the Warrant Officer (WO) website concerning application guidance for their programs. Explore the entire website to determine if you are eligible for any WO military occupation specialty before applying. Information is also available for non-Army individuals interested in requirements and the necessary testing for such specialties as MOS 153A, Aviator training.

Air Force and Navy Service members wishing to apply for this program must have a GT equivalent certification in the application packet. To obtain the certification Service members may mail HQ ACES a certified true copy with original signature of their personnel records; ACES will convert their score to an Army score, providing that it is 110 or above, and mail the individual a copy to include in their application packet.

If in addition, the individual is applying for aviation warrant officer training, HQ ACES will provide a copy of the certification letter to the Army TCO who will administer the SIFT. A copy of the Service member's SIFT results will be sent to HQ ACES and maintained in ACES' database. The Army Personnel Program Office may be reached at

Civilian Testing

The Army Personnel Testing program encompasses standardized tests to determine eligibility for specialized military training and to support the Army's selection and classification process. There are very few situations in which TCOs are authorized, under DCSPER and DoD policy, to administer Army Personnel Tests to civilians.

In accordance with AR 601-222, OCONUS Army Education Centers administer the ASVAB to high school students and individuals wanting to enlist. (Refer to the Overseas Enlistment and Student Testing section for more information).

  • When a civilian is applying for a government job with the required language qualification, and the Civilian Personnel Office documents both factors to the TCO in writing, the applicant may be tested with the relevant language test.
  • The Department of Defense authorized Foreign Language Proficiency Pay for Defense Intelligence Agency civilians as of August 1996. The DLPT is the measure of proficiency. The civilian employees' supervisor must document the requirement and eligibility for the DLPT to the TCO. Additionally, the supervisor must provide the address to which the score report should be sent to ensure that the results are placed in the civilian's personnel record.

Any other Civilian testing requests must be coordinated with the Army Personnel Testing Office and require the APT program manager’s exception to policy approval.


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