Directorate of Strategic Policies and Plans

DSPP Mission

To provide enterprise-wide integration, synchronization, and coordination for four subordinate directorates which support the development of policy, procedures, and systems to enable the Army's academic enterprise to train and educate agile and adaptive Soldiers and leaders to achieve cognitive overmatch to win in multi-domain operations.

Key Functions

  • Lead and direct four subordinate directorates in the development of policy, procedures and systems for the Army learning enterprise.​
  • Integrate and synchronize the Office of the Provost initiatives and processes for TRADOC education, training, and best practices across CoE’s and Schools for all COMPOs.
  • Synchronize STRATCOM efforts for the Office of the Provost with ArmyU PAO.​
  • Coordinate and synchronize ArmyU tasks for subordinate directorates.
  • Lead integrator connecting ArmyU to outside organizations.
  • OPR for Army Learning Coordination Council (ALCC)

DSPP is the organization responsible to integrate and synchronize the efforts of the Office of the Provost to implement best practices, enterprise management, and advance learning for United States Army Soldiers.

Last Updated: 10/4/2021 11:39:25 PM

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