Army Credentialing and Continuing Education Services for Soldiers (ACCESS)

Soldier Development Programs

ACCESS ACES Soldier development programs provide on-duty and off-duty academic instruction in job-related skills to assist Soldiers to increase military competencies and leadership attributes.

Soldier development programs include the following:

  1. Basic Skills Education Program (BSEP) - BSEP is one of four Functional Academic Skills Training (FAST) programs. BSEP provides academic instruction to support Soldier's job-related learning, performance of military duties, career progression, and lifelong learning. BSEP curriculum and instruction develops skills in such areas as reading, mathematical computation, writing, speaking, science, English as a second language, and computer skills (availability of all areas depending on location). For more information on BSEP, please refer to the BSEP Handbook.
  2. High School Completion Program (HSCP) - The HSCP provides Soldiers the opportunity to earn a high school diploma or equivalency diploma.
  3. Language (ESL) - Non-residential ESL programs are offered either on-duty or off-duty at a permanent duty station.
  4. Mission-required Language Training - Mission-required foreign language training is an on-duty program providing Army personnel with foreign language skills or refresher training necessary to perform their duties in language-required positions.

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