Army Credentialing and Continuing Education Services for Soldiers (ACCESS)

Army Personnel Testing New Personnel

When someone is to be assigned the duties of Test Control Officer (TCO), Alternate TCO (ATCO), or Test Examiner (TE) for an APT test account, all the following actions need to be taken.

Appointment orders must be submitted using one of the following formats linked below. Information requested in the sample memoranda is not optional. All information is required to ensure personnel are granted proper authorization to Army Personnel Tests.

  • TCO or ATCO (see Appointment Orders template)
  • TE (see TE Appointment Orders template)

Submit appointment orders by email at

New personnel will read and sign the Duties and Security Awareness Briefing. This is an online briefing that requires AKO ID to access. This office will automatically be notified when the briefing is completed.

They will also read the following items, available by clicking the links below, although each account should have their own copies:

Additionally, they should read the account's local Standing Operating Procedures, and the administration manuals located in your inventory for all the tests the account administers.

New personnel must take the online TCO Certification tests. Everyone takes the Basic Test, and anyone who administers any of the Defense Foreign Language Program tests needs to take the DFLP Test. Upon passing the tests, print the certificate for your records, but do not send it to us. We are notified when anybody passes the tests.

All new testing personnel is required to take the appropriate training course(s) before attempting to access DLPT.  DMDC LMS content including DLPT and Security Online trainings are available on Joint Knowledge Online (JKO).  JKO Enrollment Process to complete registration and training is outlined at APT TCO Handbook Appendix 12 - JKO Enrollment Process to complete registration and training.

If the position requires transferring custody of test materials, a complete joint inventory of the test materials shall be conducted. A copy of the changeover inventory must be maintained in the account's files for two years. This inventory does not need to be submitted to this office. Only submit inventories when directed to by this office.


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