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Management Control Evaluation Checklist

Management Control Program Checklist for Test Control Officers (TCOs) is designed to evaluate the key controls in the Army Personnel Test program. This checklist is included in AR 611-5, Army Personnel Selection and Classification Testing.

Management Control Evaluation Checklist

  1. The function covered by this checklist is the Army Personnel Testing (APT) program.
  2. The purpose of this checklist is to assist TCOs and other responsible personnel in evaluating key internal controls. It is not intended to cover all controls. Answers must be based on the actual testing of key management controls such as document analysis, direct observation, interviewing, sampling, and simulation. Answers that indicate deficiencies must be explained and corrective action indicated in supporting documentation. These management controls must be evaluated at least once every five years. Certification that this evaluation has been conducted must be accomplished on a DA Form 11-2 (September 2012), Internal Control Evaluation Certification Statement which can be obtained online from the U.S. Army Publishing Agency.
  3. Test Questions.
    1. Are there valid TCO and ATCO appointment orders on file with the APT Program Office for the test account?
    2. Has the TCO and/or ATCO verified all contact information on file with the APT Program Office within the past 12 months?
    3. Are unauthorized personnel (such as linguist or person (spouse of a person) required to take an APT test) assigned TCO, ATCO, or TE duties?
    4. Do all testing personnel have access to AR 611-5, AR 11-6, APT guidance and APT messages?
    5. Are there local APT SOPs?
    6. Are the following local procedures outlined in the SOP:  local administration, instructions for test logs, test security, mailing and receiving procedures, and test staff duties?
    7. Are the proper security containers used as outlined in AR 611-5?
    8. Are scoring keys stored in a separate drawer or container from the test booklets and cassettes?
    9. Are completed answer sheets secured in a safe and/or locked container?
    10. Is a physical inventory of APT materials performed quarterly?
    11. Did the test account's last quarterly inventory submission to the APT Distribution Center reconcile successfully?
    12. Are test materials inventoried immediately upon receipt?
    13. Are all outgoing packages of test materials and completed answer sheets double-wrapped, properly marked and addressed, and mailed using certified or registered mail?
    14. Do all outgoing packages include transmittal documentation?
    15. Are proper procedures followed in securing, transferring, maintaining, and destroying test materials and/or test score reports, including during test administration?
    16. Are proper test instructions followed as outlined in manuals for each test?
    17. Does testing occur under favorable testing conditions (for example, well-lighted, quiet testing room with proper separation of examinees)?
    18. Are all test eligibility requirements adhered to, including the 6 month retest policy?
    19. Are APT records maintained for a minimum of two years?
  4. Supersession. This evaluation replaces the evaluation for the Army Personnel Test Program previously published in AR 611-5, dated 5 February 2008.
  5. Comments. Help make this a better tool for evaluating management controls. Submit comments to

    ACCESS, ArmyU

           ATTN: PDE (APT)
           1600 Spearhead Division Ave, Dept #410
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