Army Credentialing and Continuing Education Services for Soldiers (ACCESS)

Destruction of Army Personnel Test Materials

The Test Control Officer will destroy Army Personnel Test (APT) materials that are withdrawn from operational use upon direction of the APT program manager; when it is no longer serviceable; or upon closure of an APT test site (AR 611-5, para. 2-5). Currently, all APT exams are web-based, except ASVAB in OCONUS test site locations. Currently, all APT exams are web-based, except ASVAB in OCONUS test site locations.

NOTE: Contact APT for guidance prior to destroying test material.The destruction of all test materials must be coordinated with the APT Program Office.

Follow the directions below for destroying Army Personnel Test (APT) materials.

  1. The Test Control Officer having custody of or supervision over these test materials will destroy them by one of the following means: burning, melting, or shredding (AR 611-5, para. 2-2).
  2. A destruction certificate is required.
    1. The Test Control Officer should use DA Form 3694 to create the destruction certificate.

      Control Log:  Serial Numbers
      Description:  Title of Test Material
      Classification:  "FOUO"
      Number of Copies:  Quantity being destroyed
      Date of Document:  Self-explanatory
    2. The form should be emailed to
    3. The Test Control Officer must make sure that "Section C" of the form is completed, or
    4. The Test Control Officer may compose a memorandum for record containing the same information
  3. A copy of this destruction certificate or memorandum must be maintained in local APT files for two years.


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