Army Credentialing and Continuing Education Services for Soldiers (ACCESS)

Armed Forces Classification Test (AFCT) Scoring Program

The Armed Forces Classification Test (AFCT) composite score calculations are calculated by summing the products of the subtest standard scores multiplied by varying weights and then subtracting a constant, and therefore require a scoring program to properly derive them. Only the GT aptitude still has its composite score derived by looking up the sum of the subtest standard scores (SSS) in a conversion table.

Additionally, the 1997 norms for the AFCT was mandated by DAPE-MPA Memorandum, 26 Jan 04, subject: Implementation of Upgraded Youth Population Norms for the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB). This requires the calculated scores to be converted from the 1980 norms that the composite weights yield to the 1997 norms.

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