Voluntary Education (VolEd) Resources

Earn a degree or certification

Army Credentialing Assistance (CA) Program

Find information on applying for CA funding for off-duty courses and/or exams leading to an industry-recognized credential, certification, and/or license below.


Credentialing Opportunities On-Line

A web resource that helps Army Service members find information on certifications and licenses related to their jobs or civilian occupations. Visit

Institutionally Delivered Credentials (IDC)

The Army offers Active Duty, Army Reserve, and National Guard Soldiers the opportunity to earn selected credentials throughout the Soldier's career at Army training schools.​

Look for this icon on the COOL website for “Army Proponent Funding” and develop your talents, knowledge, skills, and behaviors (KSBs), to become a more adaptable, professional Soldier to stand out among your peers.

Or click here to contact your proponent school for more information to obtain your credentials.

United Services Military Apprenticeship Program (USMAP)

USMAP is an opportunity for Active Duty, Army Reserve and National Guard Soldiers to enhance their job skills and show motivation for more challenging military assignments and obtain Certificates and Journeyman Cards aligned with tier MOS.

There are two ways to obtain Apprenticeships.​

Time-Based - allows Soldiers to document their time as they learn their trade by submitting “monthly” logs to supervisor for approval.​

Competency-based apprenticeships - Soldiers who are experienced in their occupation (typically at least one year of experience). Can submit “Competencies” to their supervisor for approval of mastery.​

Click here for more information on Apprenticeships.


We are proud to introduce ArmyIgnitED. What is ArmyIgnitED? The new, automated portal for Soldiers to request Credentialing Assistance (CA) and Tuition Assistance (TA). Visit today to create your account and explore the available degree and credentialing options. Visit

Joint Services Transcript (JST)

The JST is an academically accepted document that validates a service member's military experience and training with corresponding American Council on Education (ACE) college credit recommendations. Visit

The American Council on Education (ACE) Military Guide

The Military Guide presents credit recommendations and detailed summaries of formal courses and occupations offered by all branches of the military. Visit

ArmyU Education Resources

ArmyU Library

The Army University Library System (AULS) consolidates Training & Doctrine Command (TRADOC) libraries into a common platform allowing Army-wide sharing of knowledge and resources. Soldiers can find material at any library in a single search. Visit

ArmyU Education and Training Organizations

Army Credentialing and Continuing Education Services for Soldiers (ACCESS)

Promotes lifelong learning, readiness and resilience through flexible and relevant education programs, services, and systems in support of the Total Army Family. Visit

For Army course specific transcripts or questions, contact the specific Center of Excellence or school representative directly by following the appropriate link here.

Scholarship Web Sites

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