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The ArmyU Registrar of the Future...

By 2023, students will be able to centrally access individual training and academic records.

The Registrar will maintain and oversee the creation and sustainment of certified student data files in support of Army Life-Long Learning initiatives and readiness reporting strategies.

This functionality will facilitate a Soldier's professional management of the learning acquired while serving.


The mission of the Army University Registrar is to guide U.S. Army Training and Doctrine Command (TRADOC) schools and Centers of Excellence (CoEs) toward adoption of common procedures and systematic solutions consistent with civilian academic institutions.

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The Army University Registrar can work with civilian registrars to help articulate Army Learning to Civilian Equivalencies.

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Requesting a Joint Services Transript (JST)

Service Members may access their JST here:

For School centric transcripts, please follow the link below to contact the School specific Registrar or designated representative directly for assistance.

Roles and Responsibilities
  • The Registrar directly supports school management and personnel with Registrar services, operations and standards for documenting assessed learning outcomes occurring throughout a student’s military service.
  • The Army University Registrar is responsible for supporting numerous administrative and governance functions throughout the 70+ TRADOC Schools and Centers of Excellence (COEs); while identifying best practices within these institutions that can be widely adopted by the Army.
  • These functions are fundamental to the success of all faculty, student and staff programs with respect to maintaining overall quality, validity and reliance in Army academic records management processes.
  • The Registrar staff are available to support agencies seeking to evaluate the learning of our Service Members.

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